Wildlife Pest Removal Los Angeles

Professional Animal Pest Control Trapping: 310-341-2036

We provide a wide array of wildlife control services.

Animal Trapping

We humanely catch wild animals in live cage traps and relocate them to the wild.

Building Repairs

We inspect your house to find and repair the open holes animals use to get inside.

Rodents in the Attic

We provide 100% rodent removal and removal of critters in attics.

Wildlife Pest Removal Los Angeles is a professional wildlife control company servicing Hawthorne, California. We provide animal trapping, rodent extermination, remove critters from attics, perform building inspections and home repairs, and more. We remove squirrels, raccoons, opossums, skunks, snakes, bats, rats & mice, birds, and more. Call us any time at 310-341-2036 to schedule a fast appointment to solve your critter problem.

Services offered by our wildlife control company - When unwanted animals are on your property, it is better to insist that only humane techniques are used to keep them away. The common techniques used are reunion of the families and one-way doors which will lead to the release at the outside of a structure.

As for our company, we keep up to date with the best training methods, we attend seminars to stay educated, and we use latest equipment in the wildlife control industry.

We offer a full range of animal exclusion and proofing services, which carry a guarantee whenever there is a re-entry. We cannot finish the job if we do not identify the points where the animals came in and then use exclusion materials successfully. This helps to withstand the challenges caused by wildlife.

We will never offer you an open clause contract that states that any animal that is caught will be removed. This is unethical and does not solve the problem you have.

You can ask any of our previous customers about our work. They will give you a reference and an idea of how effective we are. We are in compliance with the local regulations and laws, and we always have commercial liability insurance with all the required licenses.

Our company specializes in different types of animal removal, so there is no job that is too dangerous or too large for us to complete. We can also help you if you see an endangered animal and you want someone to take care of it. You do not have to worry about the costs since we ensure that we offer affordable prices.