Do female Hawthorne raccoon make good mothers?

There are several species of animals that nurture their young even past their sexual maturity age however there are those species that do not depend on their mothers for a long period of time.

I. The early stages of Hawthorne raccoon
a) Racoon is much more of the latter. Since raccoon are much more of a solitary animal, they stay at least a year with their mother and move forward on their own.
b) But before they venture out on their own they need to be equip with all necessary survival skills from their mother.
c) Daddy California raccoon are usually out of the picture when raising the young.
d) This animals are very opportunistic in nature and are much more of a free- spirit foraging and making homes in different places. Racoon are also very adaptive, they can thrive near or far from humans.
e) Mother raccoon are very protective of their young. Usually they give birth to about four to six babies and are managed in a litter.
f) Like their rodent relatives, raccoon are born dependent and blind.
g) Mother Hawthorne raccoon usually give birth during warmer temperature and nurse their young for about a month or two.
h) As soon as the babies are much stable though not fully mobile, their mother carries them individually to specific location to help them feed themselves.
i) By the time that the baby raccoon can stand on their own and make few steps, mother raccoon will guide them in groups and help them how to forage for their own food.

II. By themselves at 5 months
a) Although five- month old California raccoon still live with their mothers and siblings, they are much responsible to provide their own food.
b) Young racoon will also on their own learn how to survive.
c) On their first winter young raccoon will not hibernate but stay snug together and keep each other warm.

III. Going away from their mama
a) At around ten months, baby raccoon are babies no more. They must leave their mama and do well on their own.
b) This however is not entirely true to all because raccoon maturity varies. Some leave as early as eight months, others stays for about a year.
c) Living independently doesn't mean going far away from their mother, Hawthorne raccoon opt to build their own home near their mothers.
d) Male raccoon on the other hand can explore further and might settle a tad bit further away from home.

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